James Eagan Holmes


04/23/2014 Order Regarding Defendant’s Motion to Prevent Death Qualifications of the Jury (D-150)

Denied, This is a big deal. Jurors have to be ok with dealing out the death penalty in order to even make it on the Jury. 

Meaning: if you are against the death penalty you are automatically excluded from the Jury. How can a Jury be a fair representative of the community if an ever growing part of the community (people that are against the DP) are automatically excluded?! That’s absurd. 

This Order should really piss off anyone that’s opposed to the death penalty. It basically shows that in Colorado if you are opposed to the archaic and barbaric brand of “justice” called the death penalty, than all your views on what justice is or should be are completely unimportant and invalid in the eyes of the Court.

God I’m so glad I now live in a state that was one of the earliest to abolish the death penalty (in the 1800’s). I’m shaking my head at you Colorado, get with the times already…. or wait…. I guess you can’t if you silence all those who oppose. Isn’t that a little…I don’t know…..dictatorish? Or maybe it’s just dickish.

Investigators remove evidence from James Holmes’ apartment July 21, 2012.


"…the [media] coverage often simplistically and inaccurately implied that Mr. Holmes was “evil”, as opposed to mentally ill.”
Source: Motion for Change of Venue (D-206) (Filed April 4, 2014


"…the [media] coverage often simplistically and inaccurately implied that Mr. Holmes was “evil”, as opposed to mentally ill.”

Source: Motion for Change of Venue (D-206) (Filed April 4, 2014

The Uphill Battle For Jana’s Sources Begins For the Defense Attorneys of Theater Shooting Suspect James Holmes.



If the Justices decide to take on the case of James E. Holmes V. Jana Winter (and make no mistake, the justices do have to decide to hear the case, as not every case that petitions to the US Supreme Court even makes it there. Source: http://litigation.findlaw.com/legal-system/how-does-the-u-s-supreme-court-decide-whether-to-hear-a-case.html), it will be the biggest challenge that faces James Holmes’ defense attorneys to date. 

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This is a good article to read to learn more about competency exams and the difference between them and sanity exams. (The defense attorney, Iris Eytan, who specializes in cases involving mental illness, that James’s mother hired to represent him in the immediate aftermath of the shooting is also quoted in the article.)

"Gowensmith said the increase in the number of evaluations has nothing to do with legal strategy, but instead represents the national trend of people slipping through cracks in the mental health system and falling into criminal charges.

"The legal system has become an entry point into the mental health system," Gowensmith said."

Happy Easter, Holmies!

I just wanted to say hello, Happy Easter, and thank you to everyone for continuing to support James Holmes.

The road to trial/plea bargain is certainly taking longer then anticipated.

I’ve noticed that quite a few of James’ supporters have moved on. Whether it’s from boredom or frustration, who knows.

I know first hand how difficult it can be sometimes to hang in there. I’ve caught a lot of flack from both friends and family for supporting “a cold blooded murderer.”

Over time I think people have slowly become educated as to why I support James. For me it’s always been the mental illness angle. That and the fact that James seems like a genuinely good person who comes from a great family!

My point: We’ve all been here a long time, and sometimes it ain’t easy, but it is defiantly appreciated!

So, thanks again to everyone who continues to support James, Robert, Arlene and Chris Holmes.

Thank you, too, to all those who have not forgotten the victims and who continue to keep them in their thoughts and prayers.

Just because many of us believe that James is ill, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have feelings or don’t sympathize with the victims and their families. I think people on the outside tend to misunderstand that.

This is a pretty cool video, and longer then most I’ve seen. In the beginning of the video, Jimmy’s explosives get a special police escort to said detonation site. It might be wrong to be impressed with the “improvised explosive devices” that James made but, heck, I’m impressed!

"Improvised explosive devices" were placed in a sand truck and taken to a disposal site. Once there, some of the materials were detonated inside makeshift cinderblock containers while the rest was buried, then detonated once underground.

Video of the scene shows a series of coordinated blasts, after which the material burned for several minutes.

There were no official comments on the kind or quantity of explosive materials that had been detonated, but earlier police reported that they had discovered some 30 softball-sized home-made explosive devices in the suspect’s apartment.