James Eagan Holmes
According to the documents, Holmes mailed the notebook and $400 in burned $20 bills to Fenton on July 12, eight days before the theater massacre. A scene from “The Dark Knight” features actor Heath Ledger as “The Joker” burning stacks of money.

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I believe that eight days before the shooting was proven to be incorrect. The burnt money could be a Batman tie-in.

Inside the tactical pants Holmes wore during the shooting, investigators found an iPod in the front pocket. It wasn’t clear from the documents if they also found headphones or if police believe Holmes was listening to music during the rampage.
Dr. Lynne Fenton told campus police that James Holmes talked about killing people. She also told police she was reporting the comments because of Holmes’ ‘danger to the public due to homicidal statements he had made’. According to a federal lawsuit filed by some of survivors, campus police asked Fenton if she wanted to put Holmes on a 72-hour psychiatric hold in June, but she declined.

I will never understand why Fenton didn’t put James on a 72 hour hold. In her own words, James was a "danger to the public due to homicidal statements he had made".  A 72 hour psychiatric hold’s criteria in CO requires that someone be "a threat to themselves or to others."

- See more at: http://www.aurorasentinel.com/news/unsealed-arrest-documents-shed-light-on-accused-aurora-theater-shooter-james-holmes/#sthash.BiKssvNI.dpuf

Questioning James Holmes in Squad Car

Sweeney testified that once Holmes was handcuffed in the back of the police car, he asked Holmes if there was anyone else or if he was alone.

Sweeney said Holmes said, "It’s just me."

Sweeney said Holmes answered the question immediately and clearly.

Oviatt testified that he overheard another officer [Aaron Blue] questioning Holmes in the police car. Oviatt said he heard Blue ask something about "like set to go off?"  And Holmes said, "If you trip them.”

Oviatt said he also heard Holmes say something about "the address on my license."

Oviatt said Blue reached in Holmes’ pants and took out a wallet. Oviatt said he took the license out to get the address.

Oviatt told the court that Holmes’ tone of voice was not tense and there was no emotion.

"[He was] just answering a question," Oviatt said.

Blue later testified that he asked Holmes if he had any weapons because he was responding to a shooting, with evident shooting victims, but did not see any weapons.

"He replied, 'He had four guns; he didn't have any bombs here, but he had improvised explosive devices at his home that wouldn't go off unless you set them off,'” said Blue.

Blue said he did not ask Holmes about bombs before Holmes offered the information.

He said Holmes was pulled from the police car and searched a second time because he was fidgeting. Blue said he wasn’t sure if he was trying to get to a weapon they hadn’t found.

Testimony from Blue, Oviatt and Redfearn contradicted each other. All three gave conflicting details about when Holmes was searched a second time, when his wallet was retrieved from his pants and who placed it on top of the computer in the front seat of the police car where Holmes was being held.


Dr. Lynne Fenton, grew concerned enough that she alerted at least one member of the university’s threat assessment team that James Holmes might be dangerous, an official with knowledge of the investigation said, and asked the campus police to find out if he had a criminal record. He did not. But the official said that nothing Mr. Holmes disclosed to Dr. Fenton rose to the threshold set by Colorado law to hospitalize someone involuntarily.


According to Colorado law, a person must be "An imminent threat to themselves or to others" to be placed on a 72 hour psychiatric hold in the state of Colorado.

Isn’t it strange that Fenton did not feel that James fit the criteria, when shortly (possibly) after James’ arrest and (definitely) after James’ hospitalizations in Nov, 2012, Jame qualified to be held and subsequently (perhaps involuntarily) medicated, (not to mention restrained - involuntarily, I’m sure) under Colorado law?

The following includes information on a) involuntarily holding someone because of a psychiatric condition and/or b) administering psychiatric drugs, c) restraining them (as James was in Nov, 2012) involuntarily because of an emergency situation.

I doubt James deteriorated that rapidly after his arrest. I think he was a ticking time bomb and that Fenton didn’t pick up on all the signs.

C.R.S. 27-65 - Colorado Department of Human Services

Overview of 27-65 C.R.S:  Care and Treatment of the Mentally Ill Act



July 23, 2012 - Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes makes his first appearance in court.

This is as raw as the day I first saw it, It  still breaks my heart. James had absolutely no *ucking clue what was going on. This is heavily debated, but I can see how James may have though/said he was The Joker.

Judge rules psychiatrist can videotape James Holmes’ second sanity exam.
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